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Irwin Katsof

Welcome to my personal website where you can learn more about me, my journey as an experienced writer, and my latest book release. My previous books are available for purchase on Amazon, and I would be honored if you checked them out. Thank you for visiting my website.

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About Me


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This the story of my worst of times and my best of times. Of how – after working for many years as a fundraiser for a non-profit organization – I embarked on a quest to become rich, so that (as I told myself) I could become a major philanthropist giving away money instead of asking for it. For ten years I lived as a tortured, compulsive, driven human being and woe to anyone who got in my way. That was me at my worst. But then, at my lowest ebb, by the grace of God, I discovered the best of myself.

In these pages, I have elected to be brutally honest, to lay bare my worst self in order to
prove to all those who today feel the way I once did that there is a way out. There is hope. There is salvation. You can be successful and you can be true to yourself. You can do a good day’s work, and still have time to love your family and be present for your children. You can step off the treadmill and not regret it. You can find meaning and joy in life. I know you can, because I did.

-Irwin Katsof

Advance Praise

on most recently released book 'Living Dangerously'

“Transparently and vulnerably Rabbi Katsof catalogues struggles with a damaging financial obsession. Finding and embracing an integrated balance between career, family, and spirituality lead to important insights in his account. Whether Jewish or Christian, we can benefit from this portrait of the pursuit of being God-oriented in the face of our modern materialistic society.”

John Ashcroft, former US Attorney General



“I have known Irwin Katsof through his original rabbinical life and through our tour together to Israel to celebrate its 50th anniversary, and this book is from his heart and expresses his life’s journey as he searches what is important for happiness and fulfillment. It has lessons we can all learn from, take it from me!” 


Ken Goldman, former CFO of



“In a dog-eat-dog world, which is fueled by insatiably capitalistic appetites, my friend Rabbi Katsof, offers some humbling insight on how to discover one’s inner peace. In this book, he shares his personal imperfections to help enlighten the reader on the things that hold true value in life beyond the monetary. Rabbi Katsof’s ‘humility over hubris’ approach to unpacking his unique perspectives on how to balance matters of the mind along with matters of the heart is to be enjoyed, studied, and applauded for generations to come.”


Omar Epps, actor, rapper and producer; co-star of the TV dramas House MD and ER; winner of nine NAACP Image Awards



“With his fourth book, Rabbi Katsof hits a home run. It is a very honest – and entertaining – account of the failures and successes of his fascinating life. In addition, it is full of great business insights and wisdom for living. A meaningful and enjoyable read.”


Howard Jonas, telecom entrepreneur; founder of IDT Corp. and Genie Energy; author of I’m Not the Boss, I Just Work Here 



“Irwin Katsof brings to this compelling memoir his rich experience as a rabbi, his broad knowledge of the business and investment banking world, and his profound struggle to keep a balance between work, family and religion. He draws the reader into his stories with the art of a master story-teller.” 


Gregory D. Brenneman, chairman of CCMP Capital; former president and CEO of Continental Airlines



“In Living Dangerously, Irwin Katsof lays bare his soul to reveal a remarkable compassion for humanity, the importance of charity, and the journey we all must take if we are to successfully balance our professional and personal lives. As an Evangelical Christian, I’m one Southern Baptist who has been deeply blessed by this Torah-observant Jew’s wisdom and common sense – especially Irwin’s reminder that all of us are called upon to do God’s will here on earth.”


Tom Tradup, vice-president of Salem Radio Network



“As he moves from materialism to spiritualism, from a self-absorbed human being to a giving one, Rabbi Irwin Katsof captures the very essence of the ever-present conflicts we all face, and does so in the most exposed and touching manner … A book of life lessons culminating in what we should all cherish most. Truly a captivating memoir which I have thoroughly enjoyed.”


Ayelet Torem, CEO of APMakers Innovative Capital


“Remarkably moving and instructive story of life, business, growth, spirituality and family.”


Mario Lopez, host of the entertainment news magazine shows Extra and Access Hollywood 

“An uplifting read for anyone who wants to learn about how to balance work, family and spirituality.”


Mark Schulman, producer and manager of 3 Arts Entertainment



“Any book in which the author dares to reveal the ‘good, bad and ugly’ of their life experiences is definitely worth reading. This type of honesty, integrity and vulnerability is exactly what the world needs now more than ever. This book contains just that!”


Dr. David Berceli, founder of Trauma Recovery Services and TRE For All, author of Shake it Off Naturally



“Irwin Katsof brings to this compelling memoir his rich experience as a rabbi, his broad knowledge of the business and investment banking world, and his profound struggle to keep a balance between work, family and religion. He draws the reader into his stories with the art of a master story-teller.”


Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, former chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and former member of the US House of Representatives (R-Florida)



“Every chapter contains an insight into life, a lesson on relationships, or common-sense wisdom for the aspiring entrepreneur. This book is a worthwhile read for any executive battling away in today’s cut-throat, eat-or-be-eaten environment and trying to stay sane in an insane world.”


Doron Cohen, chairman of Dun & Bradstreet Israel and Latin America 



“This heartfelt memoir offers insightful lessons for anyone who is struggling to reconcile their professional life with their values.”


David M. Schizer, dean emeritus of Columbia Law School and author of How to Save the World in Six (Not So Easy) Steps


“Living Dangerously is about the author’s struggle to balance work, family and community. He demonstrates that the strive for riches is meaningless without making enough time for family and giving back through charity and community engagement.”

Bob Diener, president of Travel Funders Network, founder of, and author of The Savvy Traveler and Biblical Secrets to Business Success


“This book offers valuable insights into life, imparts valuable lessons on building relationships, and provides essential wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a must-read for executives navigating the competitive and unforgiving modern business landscape while striving to maintain balance in an increasingly chaotic world.”


Michael Serruya, managing director of Serruya Private Equity and founder of Yogen Früz


“The stories related in this book are both touching and powerful. They help us realize that within each of us lies the wisdom and truth to ultimately come back to our deepest core. No matter how lost we might each feel at times, this book aptly demonstrates that there is always hope to return to our true self.”


Mark Minevich, UN advisor, co-chair of AI for Global Alliance, and president of Going Global Ventures 



“I read Rabbi Irwin’s book with admiration because of his honesty, bravery and ability to self-reflect without the stops, biases and deflections most people take advantage of. Rabbi Irwin’s journey and clear understanding of his and his family’s needs, and the price that comes with pursuing his goals – while at the end not losing his soul, no matter the temptations – is a lesson to all of us.”


Tsvi Gal, head of tech services at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center



“This is a very rare business book – honest and from the heart. Unlike most business books by successful entrepreneurs (which glorify the CEO and leave out the pain), this brutally honest book tells about the failures, the stresses, the lost time with family, the heartache, and the moral questions involved in starting a new business.  It gives a deeply personal account of Irwin’s struggles to achieve business success – without destroying his health, his sanity, his family or his soul. We all need to read this.”


Richard Steffens, former Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia, US Department of Commerce, and author of Secrets of a Venture Capitalist



“This is a gem of a book. Very readable and full of wisdom and practical guidance for how to live a meaningful life. I highly recommend it.”


Bill Owens, 40th Governor of Colorado and senior fellow at the University of Denver’s Institute for Public Policy Studies


“Living Dangerously is a journey which so many experience in varying degrees. Irwin brings the key to success home: ‘Less is More.’ Once understood, everything is possible!” 


Dr. Peter Kash, author of the international bestseller Make Your Own Luck



“Living Dangerously relates Irwin Katsof’s journey from once devout rabbi to entrepreneur at the highest levels of business, and the challenges involved in preserving his soul. Having traveled widely with Irwin, I have come to love his candor, and this fast-reading book captures that in his descriptions of abject failures and dazzling successes, providing the reader with unforgettable lessons in life that go above and beyond Wall Street.”


Joe Reeder, 14th Undersecretary of the US Army 

“When I need gas, I drive to a service station and fill up my tank. When I need wisdom, I go to Irwin Katsof and fill up my soul. Since we met in 1985, he has always been a beacon of hope and clarity for me. Read his ageless words and he’ll do the same for you.”


Mark Schiff, stand-up comedian and author of Why Not? Lessons on Comedy, Courage, and Chutzpah


"This is the best book ever! It brilliantly provides outstanding insights into the world of business and high finance and offers invaluable advice on how to lead a meaningful and truly fulfilling life! A must read! You’re in the hands of a master!"

Morty Davis, Chairman, D.H. Blair Investment Banking Corp and author of Happiness Guaranteed and From Knocks to Hot Stocks


"A beautiful read. Insightful. Provocative. Guidance for life. Essential reading for every executive trying to balance work and family and their Soul.  I will use this book for as a guide book on how to live a fulfilling life."

Yitz Applbaum, Founding General Partner of MizMaa Ventures



"Anyone who knows Irwin Katsof knows that he achieves anything he sets his mind to. His memoir, LIVING DANGEROUSLY: My Struggle to Get Rich Without Losing My Soul, is a testament to that. From the captivating title, this book, full of wisdom, reads like a thriller.”


Armando Lucas Correa, bestselling author of The German Girl


"Irwin has one of the most unique backgrounds of anyone I know, and so I value his insights on life and personal values tremendously."

Eric R L Fleiss, CEO/Managing Director/Principal, Regent Properties Inc 


"Living Dangerously: My Struggle to Get Rich Without Losing My Soul" is a powerful and honest account of Rabbi Irwin Gabriel Katsof's journey to find success and meaning in life. As someone who has experienced the highs and lows of life, I can attest to the importance of this message. Katsof's story is a testament to the fact that you can be successful and true to yourself and that there is hope and salvation for those who feel lost. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to find meaning and joy in life."

Reverend Samuel Rodriguez Jr., President and CEO, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference


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