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Global Foundation For Democracy

Irwin Katsof is the Founding Chairman of Global Foundation For Democracy. They held a conference in Geneva, Switzerland on how to further and increase the democratic movements in our world. 

Global Capital Associates

Global Capital Associates is a logical outgrowth of Irwin Katsof’s work as CEO of the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah, which he founded in 1995. At the Jerusalem Fund, Katsof was enormously successful in bringing many of America’s chief corporate executives, investors and entrepreneurs to Israel to explore joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

Words Can Heal

A nationwide initiative led by Irwin Katsof to choose kinder words. A 'Words Can Heal' pledge was taken upon by many celebrities and world renowned individuals. A national 'Words Can Heal' Day was instated to promote less gossiping and more love.

Powerful Prayers

Larry King and Irwin Katsof have co-authored 'Powerful Prayers'.  Interviewing more than 80 celebrities, political leaders and other notables, King and Katsof were able to query them about their relationships with God. The words of enlightenment from these people will inform and touch readers of all faiths.

Global Strategic Ventures

Irwin Katsof, founded Global Strategic Ventures, to facilitate international connections and drive business success. With a focus on high-profile special events, investment introductions, corporate and private meetings, celebrity placement services, and business plan preparation, Global Strategic Ventures offers a comprehensive suite of services to foster global partnerships and elevate businesses on the international stage.

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