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"...Irwin Katsof's literary contributions continue to inspire and enlighten readers on their own spiritual journeys."

Irwin Katsof, acclaimed author and conscientious businessman, has built a distinguished reputation rooted in a deep commitment to the betterment of both enterprises and the greater global community. Long before his business endeavors, Irwin embraced roles as a devoted father and a respected rabbi. As the father of eight children, he aspires to leave behind a world that is progressing toward a more peaceful and harmonious future, a legacy that extends to his 25 grandchildren. Drawing from his spiritual background as a Rabbi, Irwin passionately believes in the fundamental values of kindness and compassion, seeing them as the cornerstones of his business philosophy. These principles guide his mission to contribute positively to the world, both personally and professionally. 

Irwin Katsof's literary journey began in 1998 and continues till today. He authored three impactful books while his fourth book, a memoir tentatively titled "A Time of Living Dangerously: Trying to Get Rich While Staying Connected to God," is currently in progress with a hopeful publication date in Q1 2024. 

In 1998, he co-authored "Powerful Prayers: Conversations on Faith, Hope, and the Human Spirit with Today’s Most Provocative People" alongside the renowned Larry King. This collaborative effort achieved remarkable success, ranking as the tenth best-selling religious book of the year according to Publishers Weekly. In 2000, Irwin published his second book, "How to Get Your Prayers Answered," a work that garnered such acclaim it was reissued in 2002. His third book, "The Words Can Heal Handbook: How Changing Your Words Can Change Your Life," followed suit in 2001. Irwin Katsof's literary contributions continue to inspire and enlighten readers on their own spiritual journeys.


Irwin Katsof's remarkable journey through the world of business and international relations is a testament to his unwavering commitment to fostering global connections and promoting economic growth. In 2008, he co-led the U.S. Commerce Department Trade Mission to the Republic of Georgia, a pivotal moment that marked his foray into international trade initiatives. Two years later, he continued his diplomatic efforts as the Co-leader of a U.S. Commerce Department Trade Mission to Belarus.

In 2010, Irwin Katsof assumed a role on the Board of Directors of IDW Media Holdings, Inc., a fully integrated media company encompassing multiple award-winning subsidiaries. His impact on international trade policy was recognized in 2011 when he was appointed to the U.S. Commerce Department Trade Advisory Board (ITAC 6), focusing on International Energy Trade Policy.

Irwin's influence in the business world expanded further in 2012 when he joined the Board of Directors of Genie Energy (NYSE-GNE). However, his most significant contribution came in 2013 when he organized the first-ever Certified Trade Mission to Israel. This marked the inception of, an organization dedicated to helping U.S. fund managers raise capital outside the United States. This initiative has since facilitated over 8,500 LP investors and hosted trade missions in various countries, aiding American fund managers in accessing global capital.

Beyond his achievements in business and international trade, Irwin Katsof has pursued a path of personal growth and healing. He obtained certification as a Trauma and Tension Reducing Practitioner in 2017 and completed a rigorous four-year program to become a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner in 2018. This body psychotherapy and spiritual development approach has deepened his understanding of personal transformation.

In 2023, Irwin continued his academic pursuits, earning a Master's in Transpersonal Psychology with a specialty in Applied Spirituality from Atlantic University. He currently divides his time between Rockland County, New York, and Jerusalem, Israel, and is a dedicated family man, with eight children and twenty-five grandchildren, celebrating over four decades of marriage with his wife, Judy. Irwin Katsof's life journey exemplifies his enduring dedication to bridging cultures and fostering personal and global growth.


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