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Powerful Prayers


A collection of funny and refreshing conversations with various well-known people in arts, sports, politics and more, describes how prayer affects the lives of people from all areas of life. 

How To Get Your Prayers Answered


Having one’s prayers answered is a lot easier than most people think. When you open yourself to God in prayer, you will find it is similar to turning on a radio. The only difference is that it is two-way. You have to tune into a frequency on which you can hear God as well as speak to Him. But before you can broadcast to God, you must make of yourself a well-functioning receiver so that you can hear His message. How to Get Your Prayers Answered will teach you how to address God so that he will listen and how to fine-tune your soul so that you will be able to recognize His answer.


The Words Can Heal


This book gives step-by-step instructions on how to maximize the power of your words in order to have extraordinary relationships. It gives you the tools necessary to take advantage of the most powerful tool you have for your own happiness: your words. These inspirational and humorous stories will not only melt your heart and bring tears to your eyes, they will also effect your entire world when you learn to speak positively and love.

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